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The Central Wisconsin Literacy Council is always in need of volunteer tutors and has a shifting load of clients. Since tutors often work with a client for several months, new clients often require new tutors. Many tutors only work with a single client at a time, however, some have been known to take several clients at a time.
Even though CWLC provides tutors with materials, tutors bring a lot of personal experience to the table. Each tutoring session allows the tutor and client to teach and learn together, each person brings different experiences to learn from. Tutoring can be very rewarding for the tutor just as learning can be rewarding for the client.

Tutors need not have any prior teaching or tutoring experience, however, there are some basic requirements. We will only ask that tutors have at least graduated from high school, passed the G.E.D. or H.S.E.D., no further education is required but preferred, especially if you wish to specialize in certain areas, such as math, health or computer literacy.

Tutors are asked to meet with clients at least once a week for a minimum of six months. However, tutoring can go on for as long as the tutor and client wish. The tutor and client should be as flexible as they can be to meet regularly and consistently. Tutoring sessions should be held in public places or at facilities used by CWLC. Tutors and clients both should feel safe and comfortable to promote the best learning experience possible.

Tutors are here to help fellow adults learn, so the tutor and client should work together to build a respectful working relationship.

Adults considering tutoring for the CWLC should first read the following expectations.

  1. Tutors are expected to complete tutor training.
  2. Meet the client in a mutually agreed upon public location.
  3. While tutoring, never provide transportation or loan money to students.
  4. Maintain records including: tutoring dates; total hours tutored each session; student goals (set and met); changes in student attitude or performance; any change in student employment or wages shared by the student.
  5. Maintain a student portfolio with your student(s). This should reflect the student’s initial performance level and subsequent progress. Add to and change the contents of the portfolio on a regular basis (at least once a month).
  6. Submit tutor reports to the council by mailing to the office, submitting them online, or by calling the CWLC phone number 855-483-7229 and selecting extension 804 where you can leave a voice message.
  7. Report promptly any change in status of your students or your (i.e., address, phone, health concerns, employment changes, etc.)


  1. Adults, 18 and older.
  2. At least a high school diploma, G.E.D., or H.S.E.D.
  3. Patience, even-tempered, relaxed, flexible, and able to respond to the changing needs of adult learners.
  4. Computer literacy is a plus.
  5. Reading, writing and speaking a second language is a plus but not required.

The CWLC provides equal opportunities to all volunteers and applicants without regard to race, creed, sexual preference, marital status, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, handicap, military reserve membership, or status as a Vietnam-era or special disabled veteran in accordance with applicable federal laws. In addition, the council complies with applicable federal, state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment.

Fill out on-line Application: Tutor Application

Download tutor documents to learn more.

Tutor Job Description 2014
Tutor Application 2014: Page 1 and Page 2

Download Photo/Media release, if requested, by clicking here.

Mail the completed application to:

320 Oak Street
Wisconsin Rapids, WI  54494