Great News!

Great news everyone!

Many exciting things have happened behind the scenes here at CWLC. We now have an all new Board of Directors and an all new Informational brochure!

CWLC is branching out into some new directions and building new partnerships within Wood County and around the state. This month, we will be at the WTCS state conference learning how to better integrate what we are doing with the technical college system and other literacy organizations. We work with surrounding counties to support all our efforts to help our friends and neighbors improve their lives.

Speaking of our friends and neighbors, in October, CWLC assisted in the relaunching of Marathon County Literacy. Connie and her group are working hard to rebuild what at one time was a vibrant volunteer community and we believe that they are well on their way!

With summer drawing to a close, people will be looking for more things to do inside. Well, if you have volunteered before or always wanted to, CWLC has lots of places where we could use the help. Right now, Marshfield has the most need with approximately 15 people waiting. We are in a constant search for volunteers who can tutor, teach, translate, coordinate teams, and help in many other ways.

Thank you for reading.

William D. Hascall
Executive Director