Let us play!

Play has at times received a bad reputation as something which only children should do. However, more recently the thinking has changed about play, and there is research to back it up. Play is something that we all should do, no matter our age. The games we play might change throughout our lives but anything we do that exercises our brain is good for us, keeps us healthier and happier.

This is why CWLC has a game night each Monday in our Wisconsin Rapids Resource Center. Games are an easy way to improve reading skills, writing, math, problem solving, speaking and can help you exercise your brain so that you can learn better and faster. The best way to learn something is to not realize you are learning something new. That is, enjoying the learning process lets you forget that you are actually gaining new skills.

The Wisconsin Rapids Resource Center has a growing collection of games, including Scrabble (spelling and vocabulary), Othello (strategy), Triple Yahtzee (math and probability), and more! Learn math, science, history, reading and speaking English without even trying! All skill levels are welcome!