Affordable Programs

Basic literacy tutoring is free, other programs may charge a fee to cover additional materials, however CWLC believes that learning to read, write and speak English are essential skills in today’s world and therefore cost, no matter how small, should not be a barrier.

Each person enrolled with CWLC receives invaluable help. The longer someone is involved, the more value they receive. CWLC has a limited number of spaces available at any time. Someone who begins but drops out without notifying the CWLC may lose their spot to another participant.

Adult Basic Education (ABE)small group

  • Learn to read and write better in English
  • Learn basic computer skills
  • Improve basic math skills
  • Work on employment skills
  • Basic household budgeting

English Language Learning (ELL/ESL)

  • Learn to read, speak, and write in English
  • Learn Civic opportunities and responsibilities
  • Prepare for Citizenship tests
  • Learn to use Computers
  • Develop Health literacy skills

Computer Literacycomputer literacy 09

  • Learn to use a computer
  • Set up an e-mail account
  • Use the Internet
  • Create a resume
  • Search for jobs online


Health Literacy

  • Find out where to get health care in your community
  • Learn how to talk to your doctor
  • Find easy to read health information
  • Find out about available health care resources and services

It’s easy to apply to become a student:

  • Download this Student Application:  click here
  • Optionally, download this Photo/Media Release:  click here