Support Adult Literacy as Sustaining Members

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Your support helps Marathon and Wood County area adults improve their lives!

*Contribution Levels named after literacy levels. Choose a level you are comfortable with and click on the Donate button to proceed to PayPal.

Scaffold – $35 – The initial basic support learners need. As the student becomes more able, teacher support is gradually withdrawn.

Coach – $75 – Teaching with prompts and cues to scaffold students from dependent to independent reading behaviors.

Partner – $125 – Providing reading practice in instructional text and/or to help a student through more difficult text.

Model – $250 – Teaching specific proficient behaviors (e.g., reads, writes, identifies words, self-monitors) so students observe and learn.

Novel – $500 – An extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story.

Bookends – $2,500 – Provides the materials for annual tutor recruitment and training from beginning to end.

Open Book: $_________

All contributions help. Thank you for your generosity!